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Dealer Co-op

Co-op Period

Begins each year on July 1st, ends on following June 30th.

What does co-op cover?

Co-op dollars will be issued as a reimbursement to dealers with submission of purchase invoice. Co-op covers an average of 50% of purchases on Honda approved merchandise. Please contact your Honda Marine DSM for more information on available co-op. Reimbursements will be issued to your Balance Forward Accounts.

What is eligible for co-op?

Everything on Powertex Honda Marine Gear online store is eligible for co-op, including all merchandise available in the Dealer Imprint Items category. Please refer to the Honda Marine Co-Op Advertising Program under Promotional Items for additional details.

How do I apply for co-op?

During the checkout process, check the "Apply Co-Op Payment" box on the shopping cart page. Please also reference your business' Honda Marine Primary Dealer Number. Textbox to input number will appear once you check the Apply Co-Op Payment box. Complete your order and we'll fill out all of the necessary paperwork.  No heavy lifting required!

Already placed your order?

We can still help!  Contact us by email at or by phone at 844-370-1920.

*If you are looking to purchase something custom that is not on Powertex Honda Marine Gear, please seek approval of artwork before applying for co-op. Please send artwork to for approval. Approvals may take up to 2-3 business days.